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Scree - April 23, 2011

Earth Day 09

Earth Day

Recently we were shopping for a product and were trying to decide between two items, which was the greener. A new product was advertised as being "natural" and better for the consumer to use than the older product; but was it really?

We try hard to be green; but it is not easy. Advertising and sales gimmicks cloud our thoughts and confuse our reasoning. Which is truly the greenest, most natural product? Neither. The greenest solution is none of the above. Don't use any or at least use less.

The three R's of green are reduce, reuse, and recycle. If we reduce how much (of everything) we use, then we will have less to reuse and less to recycle.

Want to spend less on gas? Don't drive everywhere. Walk or bicycle when at all possible and if alternate transportation is not a viable option, ride with a friend or at least organize your shopping trip to cover all of the necessary stops.

Want to spend less on natural gas and electricity? Insulate and draft proof your house, buy an efficient HVAC system, and most importantly redefine your comfort level. Set the thermostat for higher temperatures in the summer and cooler settings in the winter.

Want to spend less on food? Eat less. Buy better foods and even though it might be more expensive, we have found that it is still cheaper overall because we use less. (It is also better on our waistlines!)

The examples are endless; but in each - the greenest way, uses the least.

Happy Earth Day.

Centennial Park

As usual, the Nashville Earth Day Celebration is at Centennial Park today, April 23. Festivities last most of the day.

Our good friend Robin, will be at the Tennessee Natural Areas booth. Go by and visit her.

If you do not live close to Nashville, celebrate in some way and above all make a commitment to use less. It is the green way to live.