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Scree - April 03, 2011

Smoky Mountain in the Spring

Heroes of the AT

Over University of Tennessee's Spring Break a student went for a multi-day Smokies hike, got lost and spent a few days out without much gear. A search ensued but did not locate him. The hiker eventually found his way to a shelter on the Appalachian Trail.

Three thru hikers were at the shelter. The lost hiker stumbled into the shelter weak, cold (hypothermic), hungry, and thirsty. It was amazing that he had the strength to make it to the shelter.

The thru-hikers immediately began taking care of the hiker. Remember, these are thru hikers. They probably had very little extra gear, clothing, or food. Every extra item in the pack is extra weight. They had hiked about 220 miles from the trails beginning in Springer Mountain and had long since jettisoned any non-essentials.

Still, they walked over an hour to find a phone signal and gave gear to the hiker to try to warm him. One hiker even gave the lost (found) hiker his sleeping bag and, because of this selfless act, put an extra burden on himself.

The hikers on the trail truly take care of each other. They need each other at different times for different reasons and are always ready to lend a hand to their fellow hikers.

This is a great story and example of human kindness for all others to follow.



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