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Scree - April 02, 2011

tick sign at Long Hunter Park

They're Coming

Middle Tennesseans have a lot to be looking forward to this spring...

First we get notice that it is tick season. The little blood sucking devils do not seem to be effected by the cold winter. They are back in force. A couple of weeks ago, in the Big South Fork/Pickett areas, we pulled numerous ticks off ourselves and our dog, Jake.

Second, we get word that it is "the year for the cicadas." Wow, has it already been thirteen years since the last plague? To those who have not been witness to the cicada invasion, the noise is deafening and the sheer numbers of the insects are of Biblical proportions.

Third, we were just warned that the stink bugs are coming. Now, I am not aware of any previous problems with stink bugs; but if their name is indicative as to their chief characteristics, then it is going to be a smelly summer.

Lastly, though there has been no mention of them yet, we know the mosquitoes are coming.

It should be a stinging, sucking, loud, and smelly summer. I am sure that it will be one that we will all remember.

Speaking Barriers

Walking Jake a couple of days ago I heard some workers at a neighbor's house working. One man was speaking English, discussing a painting strategy. Two other workers were listening to him but they answered him speaking only Spanish. The English speaking worker listened to the Spanish speaking workers and once again responded in English.

The English speaking worker could understand the spoken Spanish.

The Spanish speaking workers could understand the spoken English.

At first I thought the dialog was odd, but then after hearing a few rounds of the conversation, I realized that it was quite effective. They only had to translate what they were hearing.

So the question might be: Do you speak Spanish? No, but I hear it!

┬┐Habla usted englis? No, pero lo oigo.