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Scree - March 29, 2011

walking along Mossy Ridge

Even More on Walking

Okay, Nashville, now we are getting serious about walking and fitness, Ms Cheap is on it. That's right the Tennessean column - Ms Cheap, is giving walking hints. She interviews a YMCA trainer who gave solid advice on how to increase mileage and get a better workout.

One thing we would like to emphasize is the need to have fun while exercising. If you are not having fun while you are walking, then excuses will soon be made to miss days. Fitness needs to be fun. If you are struggling with motivation, find a walking partner. The best partner is one that walks at about the same speed as you and that loves to talk. Miles will pass as you listen. Do not think about the exercise, just learn to enjoy moving outside.

Another good walking partner is a dog. They might not talk much; but they love to walk. We walk our dog, Jake, a minimum of one mile a day. Most days he gets two plus miles of walking. Practice being a good dog owner and always walk the dog on a leash, pick up the poop, and remember not everyone likes dogs. We really enjoy walking our dog, he insists that we walk him.

In Nashville, we are lucky to have so many great trails, greenways, and sidewalks to walk. Don't let a day slide by without getting off the couch and finding your stride. Just keep moving.

(Tennessean - Ms Cheap)