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Scree - March 27, 2011

cross country trail

Walk 100 Miles (with the Mayor!)

The Mayor (Dean) of Nashville has started a fitness program, Walk 100 Miles with the Mayor. The program encourages outdoor activity. With a schedule of visits to area Parks and Greenways the program sets an itinerary for hiking 100 miles in three months.

With Tennessee being ranked 50th (dead last) in adult physical activity, Tennesseans need a plan to get off of the couch and get moving. The Mayor's Challenge is a good place to start.

If you live outside of Nashville you could probably still sign in and use the sites mileage tracking feature. I'd give it a try. I don't think the Mayor would mind.

We signed up and even asked for a sign to placed in our yard. We have a lot of walkers who use the sidewalk on our street; hopefully, the sign will encourage the walkers to get involved in the program and for non-walkers to accept the challenge. I mean really, you can walk 100 miles in three months, if the Mayor can!!!

Schedule of Official Walks

Pickett State Park Map

On cloudhiking, we just finished the Pickett State Park (new link - 10/03/13) map. It is just the first of two Pickett maps; but it does include the Hazard Cave, Natural Bridge, Ridge, Lake View, Lake, and Island trails. Download the map to your phone and visit the Park.

Pickett is a hikers park. There are miles of good trails in the Park, as well as cabins, camping, and picnicking. Use the map and hike some miles. The adventure guides to the area should be completed soon. Enjoy the hikes and don't forget to log the mileage.