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Scree - March 24, 2011

Honey Creek area

cloudhiking and Metro to Mountain updates

The sites are continuing to grow thanks to you. We appreciate you being a loyal reader and supporter. Remember to look to cloudhiking for the latest maps and adventure guides and to Metro to Mountain for the Journal and Scree entries. Please share the sites with your friends.

Our goal is to get people outside walking, hiking, backpacking, climbing, biking, mountaineering, and .... We believe self-propelled adventure is good for our heath and our souls.

Join us in the pursuit. Hope to see you on the trails and in the outdoors!

Eastern Mountain Sports

cloudhiking and Metro to Mountain are now affiliates for Eastern Mountain Sports (EMS).

When I was a youngster I purchased an EMS 65/35 Shell Jacket. These were the days before the magical waterproof and breathable fabrics. The outdoor companies experimented instead with fabric blends. My quasi-waterproof jacket was 65% cotton and 35% nylon. The cotton was supposed to expand into a tight weave when the fabric was wet, thus making it waterproof. The jacket was great in the winter; but did not do as well in the south during summer rain storms. Regardless the jacket looked cool and I was proud to wear it!

We are proud to be chosen as an affiliate for EMS. Check them out. They are a good store. I wonder if they still make that jacket...