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Scree - March 22, 2011

Honey Creek Path

Honey Creek - Here and There

While hiking Honey Creek Loop in Big South Fork National Recreational Area, my friend Ray and I were talking. Looking across a small gorge (or ravine), I said to Ray, "there's the trail we will be on in a few minutes."

The Honey Loop Trail winds in and out the creek drainage. The trail goes under a rockhouse and minutes later the trail crosses over the top of it. At times maintaining a sense of direction is difficult.

Ray looked at the trail on the other side of the creek and responded, "or it is the trail we just got through walking!"

How true. While hiking Honey Creek you do not know if you are coming or going! That is one reason it is such a good trail. It is full of surprises!

Spring in TN

After a colder than normal winter, Spring has arrived bringing eighty degree temperatures. I know that the unseasonable temperatures will not last long; but the flowers and the trees can't seem to wait to show their stuff.

One of my signs of spring is the date when I put away my Nano Puff for the season. Last year, I wore it until April 7th. So far this year, I am still wearing the pullover; but only in the cooler morning hours.

cloudhiking update

We are working on a map to Pickett State Park. We really enjoyed our visit to the Park last week. If the weather returns rainy (as expected) I might be able to make myself stay inside long enough to finish the map by the weekend.