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Scree - March 19, 2011

abstract looking design on the walls of Honey Creek

Rock Formation in Honey Creek

Big South Fork/Pickett Trip Overview

We left Wednesday for a few days in the Big South Fork area to hike trails and possibly backpack. The original plans were to hike the Honey Creek Loop and Hidden Passage Trails and then backpack the Charit Creek/Twin Arches Trails. As normal, the plans changed a bit; but we still got in three good days of outdoor fun.

Amy, Ray, and Jake had never been to Honey Creek. Amy and Ray, both thought it might have been one of the best trails in all of Tennessee. Jake also enjoyed the adventure or at least all of the water. It was a good day. We left Honey Creek and drove to Pickett State Park to camp.

Thursday morning Jake woke very stiff. Well, to be honest we were all, a bit stiff. We were concerned about taking him on another rocky trail; but wanted him to join us. Instead of hiking Hidden Passage, we walked some of the other trails in Picket State Park. We did the 2.5 mile Cave Trail, the 3.0 mile Ridge Trail, the 3.0 mile Lake Trail, and a few of the other shorter trails in the Park. Pickett is a great hiking park.

Friday, Jake was even stiffer than Thursday. After a leisurely breakfast, he perked up and was ready for the adventure. We took the .8 mile trail from the Charit Creek Lodge Trailhead to the Loop Trail. At the Lodge the new operators were readying the facility for guests to arrive that night. It was to be their first night open. Continuing we climbed the hill to the arches, explored, and then followed the trail back along the base of the cliff band. Eye dropping rockhouse and formations were everywhere. It was a great hike and Jake had his picture taken at the Jakes Place sign which marked an early settlement. Soon we had completed the Loop and returned to the trailhead.

It was a good trip. We especially enjoyed Pickett State Park. We shall return.

It is good to be writing again, we have quite a few tales to share ...