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Scree - March 15, 2011

clean water from the tap

Nashville Water

We do not drink bottled water. We drink water straight from the tap. Through the years, we have tried the pitcher filters and have talked about getting a faucet filter; but never purchased one; because, we like the taste of the water. Nashville's water doesn't have a chemical taste.

So many metropolitan areas are not as fortunate as Nashville, they have terrible tasting water. In parts of Florida the water is so bad I have to hold my nose to drink it. In Colorado, beautiful mountain streams have old mines sitting above them, bleeding into the drainage, making the water unsafe to drink. The list goes on ....

The State of Tennessee's Department of Environment and Conservation Sanitary Survey agreed with us, the water in Nashville is good. So good that Metro Water scored a 100 on their survey. You can drink to that, even the tap water.

Nashville's Water not only made a score perfect; but it was achieved during tough economic times and in the aftermath of the huge flood of 2010.

Hats off to clean water, now, if we can just work on the air...



A few weeks back we pulled the first tick of the season off of our dog, Jake. We had camped one night in an area at a State Park that even has a "Beware of Ticks" sign; but we thought it was too cold for the little arachnids. We pulled the tick off Jake a few days later- it was all fat and juicy!

Now, as we are heading to Big South Fork for a few days. We are going to the Honey Creek area where, last year, we brushed a sac of ticks and the ticks exploded onto us. We were infested with hundreds of very small ticks. Luckily, the dog was not with us.

This trip, the dog is going with us to the area. We will be equipped with sprays, combs, and tick removal equipment ready to combat the little blood suckers. Wish us luck!