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Scree - March 12, 2011

mountain lion

(NPS photo by W L Miller)

Spear Hunting

In Montana a spear hunting bill, proposed by the Tea Party, was stopped in committee.

I am not a hunter, so I do not understand all of the hunting laws; but I am assuming that it is illegal to spear hunt? Actually, a spear hunting bill seems me as if it would have some advantages ...

  • I would think that a lot of foot travel and, for that matter, running would be involved in the hunt, making it a sporting effort.
  • A whole industry of spear hunting weapons and gear would be needed, and would stimulate the economy.
  • Special rules would have to govern the hunt. The licensing would provide another source of State revenue.
  • I would hope the habits of the hunters would be pre-historic . No motorized vehicles would be allowed or other modern conveniences
  • The hunters could wear loin cloths or Fred Flinstone wear.
  • Javelin throwing would become a huge track and field event.
  • The spear hunters would be prime candidates for "Survivor Island."

I am sorry the bill didn't pass in Montana; maybe the lawmakers did not see the true worth of the bill. Maybe we could pass a spear hunting bill in TN... ha!

(Billings Gazette - article link broken)

Mega Move

So if you live in Montana and they will not let you spear hunt any longer, what is a person to do?

Well if you live in Missoula, you could have stayed up late to watch the big rig move through town. That's right wake up the kids and run to the street to watch a huge cargo of "coke drums" move through town. Now that's entertainment.

(Billings Gazette - article link broken)