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Scree - March 10, 2011

moose in the Tetons

A Woman tries to pet a Moose and is Kicked

In Anchorage, as a young woman was walking by a moose in a public park, she tried to pet the moose. The moose kicked her several times injuring her.

The Police spokeswoman said:

"At this time, we are telling people not to agitate the moose ... to give it space," Shell said.

Anchorage police said they did not request that state biologists deal with the moose because the animal wasn't going after anyone unprovoked.

"It was just doing what moose do," Shell said.

(Anchorage Daily News)

Okay, I have a rule of thumb with wild animals, I don't pet them and especially ones that are bigger than me. I realize that moose seem like lovable Bullwinkles but they are wild animals.

Cross Walking!?!

Tuesday in Scree, we questioned the responsibility of drivers to look out for pedestrians even if they are jaywalkers...

Still in Knoxville, on Wednesday, a vehicle hit a wheelchair in a crosswalk, and Thursday two more pedestrians were hit in crosswalks. One person was injured when the (stopped) driver's "foot slipped from the brake."

So what is going on in Knoxville? Probably nothing more than a coincidence; but all drivers need to slow down, look both ways, and understand that motorized vehicles are not the only users of the streets and roads.

Please, practice civility and watch out for the other guy. Human life is precious, even jaywalkers and cross walkers.

(knoxnews.com - wheelchair - two pedestrians)