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Scree - March 05, 2011


Backpacker Magazine Gear Guide

The new Gear Guide is out! Each spring we look forward to the day the Gear Guide issue arrives. If you are shopping for gear or just like to dream about the new stuff, the Guide has it all.

Included in the Guide are the charts and extensive coverage for Packs, Sleeping Bags, Tents, and Boots. Filling the rest of the Guide are gear tips and the Essentials A to Z, a list of other gear.

Rush to the store to pick up your copy of the Guide; but there is even more information backpacker.com. Check it out.


Mount St. Elias

Standing watch over the western coastof Canada is Mount Saint Elias. It is the second tallest peak in Canada at 18,009. The mountain sits right on the coast and receives more than it's fair share of bad weather.

In 2007 a group of alpinist went to the mountain to attempt a summit-to-the-sea ski descent but first they had to climb the mountain. After a few days of progress, the inevitable occured, the bad weather arrived. It not ony arrived but it hung around for five or six weeks. The group made an epic descent to advanced base camp and then waited out a massive snow storm. Finally they were abe to be flown to base camp. Most of the group waited out the weather for another attempt on the mountain.

Made into a movie the featured Red Bull screening event was at Cumberland Transit, last Tuesday night. A pretty good crowd attended and Red Bull was handing out free Red Bull to all those who needed a little pick-me-up.

If you get a chance to watch the video, it is worth your time. The frank comments of the climbers/skiers and the scenery were worth the price of admission. Oh, I forgot, there was no admission, Cumberland Transit and Red Bull picked up the tab. Anyway, thanks to all of those involved who brought us the video.

If you missed it, it is supposed to be released to the theaters this week. It might not come to Tennessee, but at some point I am sure it would be released for rent/download/stream. It is worth some effort to watch it.

(yahoo movies) (official site)

Note: The movie's site announced it was to be released; but I do not think anyone is showing it yet. I still thought it was worthy of a couple of hours of your time.