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Scree - March 03, 2011

Rainbow Falls trail map

Rainbow Falls and Bull Head Trails (cropped)

Rainbow Falls and Bull Head Trails

We finally finished the map of Mount Le Conte's Rainbow Falls and Bull Head Trails. These two trails make a great loop hike that returns you to the same trailhead.

Alum Cave is still our favorite trail on Le Conte; but these are worthy hikes if you are looking for something different and a little less crowded.

New to this map, we included the GPS coordinates for each named waypoint. We could also provided waypoints log for download if there was interest in the data.

LeConte Map has been updated since this announcement


I took someone to an area hospital's, doctor's office this morning. After leaving them I returned home and then later returned to pick them up after outpatient surgery.

When I caught the elevator there was a man and woman in the car. I assumed they were a couple. When the elevator stopped at their floor they exited the car and without a word they separated- one went left and the other right down the halls. The door remained open for a minute and I was expecting some conversation such as "hey, this way," or something. The door closed.

I wondered if they meant to separate at the designated point or if they are still walking around the office looking for each other. Ha!