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Scree - February 27, 2011

67 Camaro

Red Shark

Yesterday, a good friend of mine turned a page of his life's history. He sold his hot rod. Ever since I have known him, nine years or so, he has had a '67 Camaro Convertible. He washed and waxed it regularly and cared for the car's every need. Then when the weather was just right, he would put the top down and cruise. He called it the Red Shark.

When I first met my friend, it seemed that the Red Shark was a big part of him; but through the years he drove it less and less. While driving his other car he began remarking about gas mileage and soon he was trying to set personal gas mileage goals, he was after the hyper-mileage. He drove the Red Shark even less.

He bought a good bicycle and began riding it for exercise and errands. Poor Red Shark saw even less use. Finally he began talking about selling her.

He was a first time seller on Ebay (which was quite an experience) and the Red Shark sold in a week. The folks that actually bought the car met my friend in a local park to look at the Red Shark. As the vehicle was changing hands in the sale, a passerby stopped and commented that the car was, "the coolest car in the world." The seller and the buyers smiled.

National Parks Mileage

The National Parks Traveler has compiled the mileage of the Parks' Trails. The linear distances are given for the maintained trails administered by the National Park System.

Of note:

The Appalachian National Scenic Trail (AT) had the most mileage. 71 miles are in the Smokies and about 300 more miles are along the TN/NC border.

In the Smokies, the total mileage has decreased over the years from over 900 miles to 803 miles (these are maintained miles.)

The Big South Fork Recreation Area has 465 miles.

The list is a good reference. Dream and enjoy!