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Scree - February 22, 2011

Mount LeConte summit

Mount LeConte

Sunday morning I hiked Mount LeConte. The weather was overcast and cool with high winds. As I climbed the misty rain changed to freezing rain, and then to a little sleet. It was a good day to be on the mountain.

There were no crowds as I ascended the Rainbow Falls Trail. After going to High Top (the actual summit) and Cliff Top (the scenic summit) I finally saw one couple, the only folks that I saw all day. Being alone is fine; but you do have to slow down and be a little more careful. There is no one to help you if you have trouble.

Friday, will be LeConte day, if I can wait until then without sharing everything. Be sure and catch the stories!

Walking Dogs

Yesterday while walking Jake I met a woman being walked by her dog. That's right she had no control, the dog went wherever he wanted to go. As the dog lunged in our direction, she exclaimed, "sorry, he is too strong for me to handle."

I didn't respond to her; but for dog owners out there, you don't have to live like that! There are answers! You really don't have to walk around with a dislocated shoulder, apologizing for your dog's behavior.

We have been walking Jake since he was a puppy. He has a great backyard to play in; but he still needs walking. Walking is good training for the dog and the dog walker.

As a youngster, Jake was exceptionally rambunctious, with a mind of his own. His idea of a walk was pulling us around the block until he got tired - usually after the third or fourth lap. We needed help to control Jake. We tried using the Gentle Leader collar and things changed immediately. Soon we were walking him with one finger. The collar/halter works by putting pressure on the bridge of his nose when he pulls. It does not hurt him and is much gentler than choke collars.

Obedience school is another option. The trainers will teach you how to walk and handle your dog.

Another option (but not a good one) is to quit walking the dog.

The best solution to a dislocated shoulder is for you and your dog to learn to walk together.. Try a Gentle Leader collar and an obedience class or two and soon you will start enjoying those neighborly strolls. Woof!