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Scree - February 17, 2011

Kohls to Priest Dam Stones River Map

Kohls to Percy Priest Dam, Stones River Greenway

We have finished the last section of the Stones River Greenway - Kohls to Percy Priest Dam. This was our favorite section of the path. It has a unique raised walkway (boardwalk) that extends over the banks of the Stones River, good views of the Stones River, and access to the Percy Priest Dam, Stewarts Ferry Pike, Donelson YMCA, and Kohls.

The Adventure Guide includes a picture guide of the Greenway, notes of our ride on the paths, Greenway mileage, a detailed map, and GPS tracklogs. After viewing the guide, you will want to walk, run, or bike the path.

Kohls to Percy Priest Day

Two Rivers Skate Park to Kohls

Shelby Bottoms to Two Rivers Skate Park


In case you have not noticed, we are now affiliates of backcountry. This is good news for coudhiking/metrotomountain, because backcountry adds value to our site. The backcountry site has endless reviews on a great selection of gear and did we mention the sales...

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Appalachian Trail Cats and Mice

Tuesday night we went to Cumberland Transit to listen to our friend, Bill Bailey - talk about his Appalachian Trail hiking adventures. He has hiked the trail twice and had plenty of tales to share.

Bill was talking about the mice at the shelters along the trail... Bill claimed the annoying mice even ran across his face while he was sleeping.

Hmm. Instead of hiking with a dog, through hikers should train cats to walk with them. At night the cats could stand guard over the shelters. The mice problem would disappear.

Yet another idea, we have a friend who has many cats living outside his house. If we could catch them, the cats could live at the shelters. The mice would cease to be a problem. He probably only has enough cats for the shelters in Georgia (12), North Carolina (31), and Tennessee (23) - the other states would have to find their own cats.


Happy Birthday to Jon and Robin!!!