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Scree - February 12, 2011

snowy streets

Frozen Pipes

It has been cold the last few days in Nashville. The lows have been in the single digits, making the plumbing community smile.

While running with Jake, the dog, on the frozen streets and sidewalks, we passed a house that made gurgling sounds. Hmm... we stopped and followed the sound with our eyes to a spigot. The pipe had busted. Water was spewing everywhere. After thinking a few minutes, I decided to knock on the door.

Checking the time, it was close to noon; but the house seemed to be a rental and with a University so near, the occupants might not even be out of bed. A small sounding dog came to the dog and barked incessantly; but no one came to the door. They were probably wondering who could possibly be knocking on their door at such an early hour.

Frozen pipes are never a good thing. The water bill alone can get crazy. So, if someone knocks on your door, even before noon, it is probably a good idea to answer. It might just be someone trying to tell you that your pipes have burst, of course it could be a magazine salesman too!

Tylenol Kids

In the neighborhood grocery store I was shopping in the same area as a father and his probably five or six year old son. The father was searching the shelves as the boy was talking.

"Can we go upstairs?" the boy asked - the grocery is an urban store with two floors.

"We don't need anything from upstairs," responded the dad.

"But that's where they have the Tylenol," exclaimed the youngster.

The dad seemed surprised at the boy's statement and I was confused.

As I walked away, the boy pleaded again for Tylenol. Kids say some crazy things, that's for sure; but I am guessing those cherry flavored children's tablets are a little too tasty for that young boy!