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Scree - February 10, 2011

Yellowstone Park

Death by Bear

Back in the summer, three Arizona prisoners escaped from a minimum security prison. One of the prisoners decided to end his life. A story surfaced a few weeks (late January) ago describing the man's journey and his suicidal plans that brought the story back to life.

After escaping, the prisoner grew tired of life on the lam and decided to end things by going to Yellowstone and allowing a bear to eat him. Naturally drugs were going to be a part of this scheme; but did he ever think that bears might not want to eat him?

The prisoner's plan was to take heroin and then lay down and be eaten by a bear. Sniffing the man, I think the bear would have left him alone. No animals, other than humans, wants to be poisoned. The drugged man would have smelt like bad news for the bears. I think the bears would have left him alone thinking he was sick or poisoned.

But if a bear or bears had eaten the man, they would not have been congratulated; but instead probably killed - as is the case for most bear-human encounters. Well, that's just not fair to Yogi and Boo Boo.

This prisoner has/had problems; hopefully he will find help inside the penal institutions.

(Billings Gazette)

cloudhiking again...

Just a note - the cloudhiking map for Stones River from Kohls to Priest Dam is completed. This was one of our favorite sections of the Shelby Bottoms to the Dam Greenway System. Put the map on your smart phone and give this greenway a spin. It is a great section of the path.

(cloudhiking map)