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Scree - February 08, 2011

Solar Charger


In the State of the Union Address, President Obama spoke of reclaiming America's competitive edge in technology. The President set as a goal for all Americans to use 80% clean energy by 2035!

The Department of the Energy following the President's lead announced an initiative that by the year 2020, would reduce the cost of solar energy by 75%! The advancements in technology would allow America to regain it's edge in the global economy.

"The SunShot program builds on the legacy of President Kennedy's 1960s "moon shot" goal, which laid out a plan to regain the country's lead in the space race and land a man on the moon. The program will aggressively drive innovations in the ways that solar systems are conceived, designed, manufactured and installed." (Secretary Chu, D.O.E.)

We also hope the innovations trickle down to small business and home owners so that they (we) too can install affordable clean energy systems. This was not part of the SunShot Program; but it is a dream... maybe it would be the PlutoShot initiative - because it is way out there.

Government Layoffs?

The other day I was thinking about how the Government could save money...

Well the country is doing pretty good right now. The recession seems to have turned around and the economy is supposed to be improving; but it could use a shot it the arm.

What about laying off all the Senators, Congressmen, and their staffs. It would be just be a layoff - we would not be firing anyone. If they wanted us to vote on it, I am sure most Americans would agree that the House and Senate have earned the right to be laid off. The nation could probably go a couple of years without any changes. All the rules are in place, we'd just have to go with them. Set a date for the Congress to wrap up all of the current business and then they can collect unemployment.

Okay, if you don't want to lay them off, how about sending them on a sabbatical? They all go back home for a couple of years. While they are home they can re-experience life in their home states. Of course they would have to write a theme on "What I Did on My Sabbatical" when they returned.

The layoff would save more than a billion dollars each year!

(Open Congress)

By the way, we could call the layoffs "Gliese876Shot" - oh, Gliese876 is one of the closer planets outside of our galaxy! It is waaay out there! Ha!

I need to draw a map.