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Scree - February 05, 2011

Toyota Truck


With the Super Bowl this weekend, it is time to do manly things. Including in the manly things to do will be to watch manly advertisements about manly products on all the Super Bowl shows. After all 'tis the season to be manly...

A Yahoo-Forbes article this morning was entitled The Toughest Trucks. Americans seem to like tough trucks. The article chooses the top five tough pickup trucks...

The article explains the popularity of the modern truck is because, "efficient engines, lower gas prices and increasingly luxurious trimmings inside pickups". That's right, we need tough trucks with interiors to match those of a Caddie!

Though not mentioned in the article, I think the truck also has to be big. Gone are the days of the small utilitarian truck. Now, all trucks have to be BIG and preferably LOUD. They are the kind of trucks that Super Bowl players would drive.

My poor little1995 Toyota truck just doesn't stack up against these giants. It has hand cranked windows, non-automatic mirrors, and hubs that you have to get out of the vehicle to lock individually! It has a small four cylinder engine (20 mpg) that is more at home on dirt roads than highways. Spill some coffee, it's okay, it's a truck. Ding the tailgate, it's okay, it's a truck. And when the road gets rough, the little Toyota is ready; but the passengers feel the ride.

Ride in the little truck and you won't be confused, it is a truck. What is confusing is exactly what those tough, big, loud vehicles are? I don't think they really understand what tough means.

Slipping Results

With all of this manly stuff going around, this is a follow up on the ice climber that slipped on some low angle ice and fell 200 feet. Manly men might learn a few things from this hair stylist and her partner.

It is a good story about courage and resolve.