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Scree - January 15, 2011

ray skiing

Deep Snow, Slow Snow

My friend, Ray, is a State Park Ranger and lives at Fall Creek Falls. This week they received ten inches of snow on the plateau. Ray went out to cross country ski the powder! After his experience he told me, "you know I learn something knew every time I go out skiing ... it is a lot slower skiing when the snow is deep, than when there is only a couple of inches."

Ray was correct; but I guess if you didn't know, you have already figured out, that middle Tennessee just doesn't get much snow !

Happy birthday, Ray.


Have you found that your horoscopes never come true? You watch the paper daily for advise and wisdom from the stars; but it hardly ever rings true.

Well, Houston we have a problem. Time magazine reports, "Astronomers from the Minnesota Planetarium Society found that because of the moon's gravitational pull on Earth, the alignment of the stars was pushed by about a month." Holy gravitational pull, Batman - all the while that you thought that you were an Aries, you learn that you really are a Pisces. Pisces are now Aquarius.

So doesn't that just get your goat. Well, it sure shines a different light on the astrologists. They needed some astronomers to tell them about the stars. What is the world coming to?

(Yahoo - Time)


We are going to visit our friend Ray and will be late putting the Scree up on Sunday. I am sure that we will have some good stories when we return. Oh, so the Sunday Scree should be up by 6pm.