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Scree - January 11, 2011

measuring snow

Nashville Snow

So the 4 inch prediction of snow accumulation was not terribly wrong. The forecast was for two waves of snow. We got the first wave and three inches of snow (oh the measurement was three inches yesterday, I took the picture this morning); but we missed the second wave. Still it has been a fun snow event.

With our limited snow fall (the southern counties did receive more snow), the Governor still declared a State of Emergency.

A young woman was interviewed for the local news, she was driving on the snow covered roads. She announced emphatically to the reporter, "I don't know what I am doing!"

Now, maybe folks understand why the Governor had to declare a State of Emergency!

cloudhiking maps - Long Hunter

We finished updating the two maps of Long Hunter State Park for cloudhiking. Changes included: better trail identification and adding the 10 foot contour lines and a couple of shorter trails.

Be sure and visit the Park. All of the trails have an easy grade and make a great winter hike. As Fran Wallas commented, "Winter is a quieter time with fewer motorboats and less noise on the lake."

The trails vary in length (.75 mile, 1 miles, 2 miles, 4 miles, 8 miles, and 11 miles) and there is even a paved path around Couchville Lake. Long Hunter truly has a trail for everyone.