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Scree - January 09, 2011

snowy roads in Nashville

Snow is Coming

A winter storm is forecast for Nashville tonight and tomorrow. We might get a whopping 4 inches, if we are lucky. Yet, that is a good enough covering in which to play.

While thinking about the snow, I came across these videos on the Weather Channel.

These sliding cars are in Colorado Springs. I thought only Nashville drivers knew how to slide down a hill backwards with their brakes locked. It is amazing how fast they are vehicles are sliding ... see video.

Then a man in Huntsville, AL was demonstrating how slippery the ice was as he falls repeatedly trying to climb a small incline. Being from the south, I thought he would have had better slipping on ice technique - we do get our share of ice storms ... see video.

I think the Nashville grocery stores pay the weather forecasters to make false predictions. The grocery stores prosper and all the rest of us are disappointed. The prediction is 4 inches (forecast at 0900, Sunday, 09Jan11). We'll see how accurate they are.

Captain's Driving Tips

For years I piloted a big riverboat. It is said that steering a riverboat is like driving on ice, you are sliding all of the time. If you are trying to go to the right (starboard) you steer to the right, which gets the head of the boat moving that way. Okay, that seems simple enough. Ah, matey, but be careful, because the steer you threw into the stern will not stop by itself. The stern will continue going to the left as the bow moves to the right. If you are not careful the stern might even pass the bow and soon you are going the wrong way! To take the swing out, steer back to the port and after a few corrections the boat will (hopefully) be going straight again.

As a winter storm approaches, how about some winter driving tips from the captain.

  • Slow down. Try not to use your brakes. Yes, that slow!
  • Give yourself plenty of room between vessels (or vehicles).
  • Steer into a slide.
  • If the conditions are too bad, stop and tie up for the night! Or in other words, stay at home or walk to where ever you are going. Another novel idea is to use public transportation.
  • Be safe and careful.

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow...