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Scree - January 06, 2011

hiking in the SW

Lost and Found

A father and son went for a backpacking trip over the Christmas holiday in New Mexico. While they were out, a huge snow storm moved into the area and prevented progress.

After they were overdue, they were reported missing. A search ensued, which found the pair had hunkered down in the storm. The son was ill and dangerously cold. The pair were very gracious for the rescue, but received more media attention than they wanted. I am afraid that is just part of the rescue game.

If the media overlooked or even scorned rescues, then it would be easier for the responsible agency to delay, postpone, neglect, or cancel a rescue.

We would be embarrassed beyond belief to have to be rescued. Every time we go on a trip we try to prepare and pack for the worst case scenario. Anything short of the worst cases, we would first attempt self rescue; but if a rescue was warranted, we would then have to play the game.

In many ways, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of media attention avoidance! Be prepared, safe and cautious.

(Silver City Sun-News)

Polar Bear Stories

A couple of links to polar bear stories...

The first is a curious polar bear that plays with a camera disguised as a clump of snow. By the way, I don't think that big bruin was fooled.

(Yahoo News)

The second is a polar bear who was invited to a salmon sandwich lunch. After lunch the big bear climbs on the boat and tries to enter the pilot house... shocker. I think he was just looking for a bit more of that tasty salmon. Oh, it is a Norwegian clip.



Yesterday we finished another update on the Montgomery Bell Map. It now has most of the day trails included. Hopefully we will also post the new GPS tracks soon and possibly a Day Hike Loop Adventure Guide. We are currently updating the Long Hunter Park maps, they should be out soon.