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Scree - January 04, 2011

oil refinery

Green Dragon?

There are some things in life that I just do not understand... actually there are lots of things, some just trouble me more than others.

"Environmentalism can be bad for soul, group warns, evangelical leaders say faithful are misled by environmentalism" is an article in the Tennessean that looks at Christianity and the dangers and benefits of environmentalism.

The article brings both sides to the table as some believe environmentalism to be born of the devil while others believe it is born of God. (Isn't it great to live in America!) I do not understand the theory of those who feel environmentalism to be evil. They seem to believe that God put them on the earth to be users. Use it all. Use it up. If I don't use it, someone else will. I am the being who is most like God, I will use. I will use all of it. Those who don't want to use are part of the devil, they are the green dragons.

But, why would the God of any religion say to the followers, "use up all the resources - destroy the earth, I command it"? In my opinion, that seems about as anti-religion as is possible. Maybe I'm not understanding the issue the same way, but it feels as if, under any, light the users mentality is selfish and arrogant. Or, maybe, it is just a way to gain publicity and sell DVDs for 49.95!

Instead of the green dragon being so evil, maybe it might is the green dinosaur instead? Watch out Dino, Yabadabado!

This was a bit heavy for Scree, sorry.


With the electric car coming on the market, it is now possible to drive a sustainable energy car. The rechargeable cars charge using electricity which can be produced by sustainable means. Finally, there is an affordable means of neutralizing the escalating costs of oil.

So who will own electric cars?

"Nashville Electric Service researchers have been busy forecasting where future demand surges related to electric car chargers may come from. One of their assumptions: It won’t be where Republicans live."

(Nashville Public Radio)

If we get a Leaf, maybe we will get a green one, and call it "Puff" - as in the magic dragon.