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Scree - January 02, 2011

trail runners at Percy Warner Park

Happy Trail Run

I haven't done enough trail running lately. On New Years Eve a couple of friends and I went for a trail run in the Park (Percy Warner Park). We were not out to kill ourselves; instead just to do something we really enjoyed.

One friend went out to eat just before the run. No, wait - he did not just go out to eat, he went out to eat gumbo. He never complained but always wanted to be last man. We thank him for trying to confine his gasses to himself!

My other friend had not eaten all day. At the top of the first hill, he decided that he wished he had eaten something, anything. Well, but not gumbo - he saw the gastrointestinal errors of our other friend. As the run progressed my underfed friend's stomach growled more and more as he craved food.

As for me, I had a limp in a leg caused by a goofy knee. Until I am warmed up, pain shoots through my leg. So, I had to limp along for the first mile or so.

So here our trio was - trying to run - farting, growling, and limping along the trail to a good time.

Montgomery Bell

Earlier in the week Amy and I went to Montgomery Bell to do some of the Park's Day Hikes. We had never hiked a couple of the trails and we needed to check some GPS track logs form a previous visit.

It was a great day in the Park. One trail we hiked and really liked was the Spillway Trail. The trail goes from the Maintenance Building Parking area to Lake Woodhaven. It is an easy walk as it follows next to Will Hall Creek. We hope to update the Montgomery Bell map again soon.

Having a Happy

We hope you are having a happy new year and are resolving to get outside and hike, climb, bike, raft, canoe, kayak, run, romp, etc - regularly. See you there. (Just be sure to eat your Wheaties and not the gumbo!)