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Scree - December 26, 2010

presents 2010

Rose opening presents, as Jake watches closely, he thinks it's for him!

Moms' Roles

Christmas came and went in a flash. Amy, my wife, worked hard making Christmas as perfect as could be for Rose, Jake, and I. After Christmas-ing at breakfast, lunch - dinner, and supper dinner - she crashed. It was as if she had been cramming for exams and finally they were over. I think she is still asleep. But I wonder why???

Ah, the roles of mom's at Christmas: they are shoppers, wrappers, cleaners, shoppers again, frantic house cleaners, present presenter, present constructors, cooks, chefs, waiters, eaters, dishwashers, members of the pick up crew, and more. And, it's all just to make everyone else's day special...

Thanks to all the Moms for making Christmas special. Yes you may sleep in late!

Reindeer Safety

Straight from Norway... a suggestion for Santa. Put reflectors on the reindeer so they will not be hit my autos, planes, or spaceships.

I think Norway's Department of Transportation is just trying to take credit from Santa. We all know that Santa has been working hard for years to improve reindeer and air transportation safety. Rudolph's red nose was the original saftey light. HO, Ho, ho.

(Yahoo News - Reuters)