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Scree - December 23, 2010

Christmas at home

Early Santa

This morning we were reading the online news when we heard a knock on the door. A man stood on the porch and I opened the door to talk to him. Little did we know; but his was our Santa...

The man was Santa posing as a tree and landscape worker. He asked if we wanted any wood. I immediately asked what kind of wood was it? Mulberry. Well, here we go round ..., was about all I knew of mulberry; but the Santa said it was a good burner.

Quickly we ran to the curb and took all the pieces Santa would give us. It was actually quite a haul. It was a great gift for us.

We thought kindly of Santa's generosity. We can't wait to warm up to the mulberry gift. Thanks.

And a plug for Santa's side job - Ground Effects - Wayne Walker, 615.476.2022.

Learning to Ho, Ho, Ho

You would think that all it would take to be a good Santa would be someone that could belt out a good HO, Ho, ho; but I guess it takes more than that.

In Florida they even have a Santa University! I doubt that it is accredited outside of Toyland; but in the three day class they teach you how to be one of Santa's public representatives. I am just glad there is someone out there teaching them to twinkle. HO, Ho, ho!!!

(ABC Action News)