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Scree - December 21, 2010

montgomery bell trail map

Montgomery Bell Trail Map Update

Good News, we finally updated the Montgomery Bell State Park HIking Trails Map. The old map was one of the first ones we worked on last fall. The other early maps had been updated, but for some reason, not Montgomery Bell or Cedars of Lebanon. We hope to finish the update on Cedars soon, then all of the maps would have the same general characteristics.

By the way, it was Joel Henley's comments that encouraged us to complete the map. We hope the Guide and Map encourages all hikers to give the great trail a try.

Montgomery Bell Guide

Bear Killed in His Den

A Colorado hunter saw the tracks of a big bear one afternoon. He tracked the bear to his cave and then went to town to purchase a bear stamp. He returned to the cave and waited outside for the bear to emerge from it's den. After giving up on the bear exiting the cave, the hunter crawled into the den and shot the bear. The hunter felt like the sleepy bear was going to awake from his sleep and attack him. It weighed over 700 pounds!

He and three other hunters, drug the bear's carcass to the truck.

So what sport is there in shooting a bear in it's den? Would the sleeping bear have attacked the hunter, if the hunter had left the bear alone? I doubt it. If the tables were reversed, I am sure if someone broke into the hunter's house, the hunter would have felt justified to defend his house against the intruder.

Ranger Ray, pointed out that the hunter had to be pretty brave to crawl into the den. He also, probably suffered hearing damage from firing his rifle in such a confined area.

I still sort of felt sorry for the bear ...

(Craig Daily Press)

Run-On Text

In today's communication age we feel that we need to always be in the loop. Yesterday, we saw a guy and girl jogging together. The girl was making motions as if she was texting while she was trotting along. It was ridiculous! We are pretty sure that all of her sentences were run-ons. Ha.