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Scree - December 18, 2010

Pikes from Crag

Pikes Missing Climber

A man from Ohio started up Pikes Peak's Barr Trail Friday morning. After he did not return to the trailhead that night a rescue was being organized.

He was found this morning. He had spent the night in an unlocked building on the summit.

The Barr Trail is a long trail with big elevation gain. It is a great climb in the summer but is a long hard day. In the winter it would be a huge day. It was reported that the winds were 95 mph.

The climber summited at about 4:30. The top of the mountain had already been cleared at that time. So he found shelter for the night.

I am sure he had some good stories to tell.


Christmas Party

At the Wooten Christmas Celebration, there was a great crowd, but there was still plenty of food. The Wootens, being great hosts, even dressed in costumes. Robin was a Santa Baby and Jerry was an Elf. Their costumes added to the flavor of the season. It's hard to look good as an elf. Just ask Will Ferrell. But, somehow Jerry made elf-ing fun. Of course it would have been better if he had pointed ears. Ha.

I am sure Jerry would rent the costume, if you asked.

Thanks to the Wootens.