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Scree - December 14, 2010

breathing hard on longs peak


The great tennis player Martina Navratilova recently traveled to Africa to attempt to climb Mount Kilimanjaro. The climb was a fund raiser for the Laureus Sport for Good Foundation charity. Martina is not a climber, but she was motivated and is definitely a winner. She lives in Aspen and regularly skis in the mountains.

Just short of 15,000 feet she had to turn around on the mountain because of altitude sickness. She was escorted off the mountain and taken to the local hospital. She recovered in the hospital and was released a few days later.

Almost everyone who ventures into the mountains has to adapt to the changes in the atmospheric pressure. The adaptation forces you to breathe hard, suffer through headache pain, and even feel sick enough to turn green. Those who have not suffered from the problems of acclimating either have not been high enough or have not been to the mountains enough times. Eventually, their day in the barrel will come and they too will find as Kermit the Frog says, "It's not easy being green."

(Washington Post)


In Arizona an SUV ran over (literally) a bicycle trailer with a three year old and five year old inside. The bike and trailer were hit in a crosswalk. The SUV driver claimed it was an accident, the sun was in the driver's eyes.


Flu Diet

I just spoke to my good friend Ray. I told him that my wife made me get a flu shoot.

Ray, then confessed that he had never had a flu shot.

I usually get the shot and they work, I never remember getting the flu. Colds, yes; but the flu, no.

Ray said that one time he had the flu and was stuck in bed for days. He lost twelve pounds due to the sickness.

Hmmm, maybe that could be a new weight loss program, Ranger Ray's Flu Diet. For just $19.99 Ranger Ray will send you an infected tissue guaranteed to give you the flu. The weight loss is inevitable.

It seems a little risky to get the flu just to lose weight; but no more risky than lap band surgery!