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Scree - December 11, 2010

line dancing

Redneck Aerobics

Want a good workout that is just plain country fun? How about trying Redneck Aerobics, aka - line dancing. Yes, line dancing will get your heart a pumping. You don't need to be "Sweating to the Oldies", now you can hitch up your trousers and "yee ha!", line dance the pounds away.

Of course if you still are drinking that sweet ice tea and eating those home made biscuits, you will probably have to dance all day to offset the number of calories you are eating!

(Yahoo News - Reuters)

Potato Diet

If you burn more calories than you eat, you will lose weight. The head of the Washington State Potato Commission proved that point by losing twenty pounds in two months just eating potatoes.

If it was me I think I would have lost even more weight. By the end of sixty days, I would have probably been on a starvation diet, because I would be avoiding anything that even looked like a potato.

A diet is a regiment. Any diet will help you lose weight, but some might be healthier than others. The potato diet sounds more a kin to some horrible fare offered to prisoners of war in WWll. I wouldn't try this diet at home!

(Yahoo News - Reuters)

Home from the Hospital

Good News! Caleb Brown, the two year old boy who was hit in the head by a large rock at Fall Creek Falls, was released from the hospital. His recovery has been miraculous and yes, he will be home for Christmas.

(Chattanooga Free Press)