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Scree - December 05, 2010

Linville Gorge

Rescue Me

A woman hiking (or running) on the trails in the mountains near her home in California, fell and twisted her ankle. She was about two miles from the trailhead on an unmarked and seldom used trail. For whatever reason, she decided to stay put and wait for a rescue. After six nights living under a downed tree she was finally found by a man and his son.

Oddly enough, because no one knew where she was - only that she was missing, a search was never started. All that anyone knew was that she was not at home.

It was remarkable that she stayed six nights under the tree with only four extra layers of clothing which she had carried with her on her walk/run. It is almost like she did not want to be found.

I think I would have gotten tired of waiting for a rescue and tried to crawl out the next day at latest. Of course, I do not live in California.

Mercury News - link expired

Rescue Me and the Rescuer

Linville Gorge Wilderness Area is as wilderness of an area, as possible, in the southeast. The road less gorge is desolate and remote.

Two missing hikers were reported missing in the snow covered wilderness area by one of the hikers' wives. A search and rescue effort ensued. During the night time rescue, one of the SAR (search and rescue) members became separated from the group.

The SAR effort was expanded to find the missing rescuer and the missing hikers. To complicate their efforts the missing rescuer was wearing a camouflaged jacked. Evidently the jacket worked well at concealing the rescuer!

All were found rescued by morning.

Charlotte Observer - link expired