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Scree - December 04, 2010

toy reindeer


Heading into the Christmas season, in Scotland a woman hill walker was attacked by a reindeer. Struggling mightily she fended off the reindeer with her hiking stick. The two year old bull would not leave her alone and kept jabbing her with his antlers. It is a great story.

Okay, kids, the reindeer was not Rudolph, because there was no mention of the animal's bright, shiny nose. Rudolph will still be in charge of the sled, but I am sure he is going to have to work hard improving the reindeer's public image after this incident.

(Caledonian Mercury)

Mountain Lion

Near Aspen, a mountain lion killed a pet dog on the owner's back porch. The article is full of mountain lion information including:

"Colorado law states that property owners can kill mountain lions, or other wildlife, which are attacking or killing livestock or damaging personal property. But as far as domestic pets are concerned, they don't fall into those categories, Hampton (Division of Wildlife) said."

So if a lion attacks a cow it is okay to shoot it; but if it is attacking your miniature poodle, you have to have a hunting tag to shoot at the lion and defend the pup.

"He (Hampton) indicated that in the specific case like Barb's, the pet owner can apply for a mountain lion hunting tag and attempt to deal with the situation that way."

In TN I think they would handle that a little differently... in fact isn't the State Legislature extending the gun carrying-without a permit to include miniature poodles???

(Aspen Times)