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Scree - December 02, 2010



After indulging in our Thanksgiving eat feast, I decided that for the umpteenth time that I probably was eating too much and needed to reverse the trend. Nay, I 'll wait to after Christmas to try to diet, after all isn't that what resolutions are for?

In the winter everyone seems to gain weight. Not only is there festive food; but we slow down. I don't want to say that we hibernate like bears; but we are not as active in the winter as we are in the summer. The weather is bad and it is easy to make excuses not to go outside. We gain a little weight and then we feel even more sluggish. We then become even less active and the cycle continues.

So do we gain weight because of an inactive lifestyle or because we gain weight do we adapt to an inactive lifestyle? Either way, we are probably eating more than we are exercising away!

For example the hawg rider would probably lose more weight riding a bicycle than the motorcycle. Instead of a loud motorcycle, he could wear loud, bright, colored spandex. I am sure that his outfit would draw as much attention as the vroooom sound. Regardless of the noise, the serious bicyclist would begin to eat better, improve his lifestyle, and begin to lose weight.

Tennessee Child Obesity

In Tennessee child obesity is the 6th worse in the country. It stands as 21% of children are obese! Including the ages to 17 the number of obese children soars to 36.5%.

Why? Maybe we need a change in lifestyle? Just recently the Memphis school system reported that the students were upset because they did not have ketchup for their hamburgers and french fries. Special funding was approved to give the students that tasty condiment.

Perhaps, more importantly, the fries and hamburgers should have been removed from the menu and replaced with a salad bar. That is a change in lifestyle.

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