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Scree - November 30, 2010

scenes from Germany

Closed Cellar

In Berlin a man decided to brick shut the entrance to his cellar. The only problem was he bricked himself inside. After spending a few days, trapped, he decided to break out through a wall. The only problem was that it was not his wall! It was his neighbors wall that he tried to break through. The neighbors called the police and the man was rescued.

I am sure that it was an embarrassing disclosure.

(Yahoo News Reuters)

Thanksgiving Blizzard Rescue

Montana had a huge snow storm over the Thanksgiving holiday. One Billings resident had a lot to be thankful for...

He left the house to pick up his daughter who was coming in for the holidays. The roads were unplowed and his truck got stuck in the drifts. He tried to return to his house; but when he was about 200 feet away he got hung up on a barb wire fence.

The large elderly man fell forward and his pants stayed attached to the fence. At some point, he had also lost his gloves and lay in the snow unable to move. His wife finally heard him and neighbors helped rescue him.

Even on short trips in severe conditions we have to be careful. The man really did nothing wrong, he was just had a freak accident in blizzard conditions.

(Billings Gazette)

GPS Rescue

A couple of hunters near Helena, MT returned from their hunting trip to find their vehicle "snowed-in". Calling 911 they gave the GPS coordinates to their location. In a short while rescuers arrived on snowmobiles and brought the men to safety.

With a GPS and mobile phone it is pretty easy to get out of uncomfortable situations, as long as everything works. The outdoors person needs to be prepared to handle the weather conditions and not rely on a GPS for a rescue.

(Billings Gazette)

911 No Cigs

Closer to home, a Clarksville man called 911 three times and made false reports. His rationalized the calls explaining he was "bored and anxious because he had not smoked a cigarette in two days."

Maybe while he is in jail he can find a way to kick the habit!

(the Leaf Chronicle)