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Scree - November 23, 2010


As Thanksgiving weekend approaches the skies will be filled with holiday travelers. They are all trying to get somewhere; but many are very upset about the security scans and searches required just to board the planes.

I can think of many humorous things to hide in my pants for the would be security worker to find on their pat downs; but those guys don't take a joke very well. So, I would not suggest playing a prank on them. This is a serious problem that needs a solution.

Thinking about security, the minimum requirements are only going to become more and more invasive. Most folks are willing to give up their constitutional rights for safety. In other words as long as everyone is scanned, patted down, or frisked, it is okay for most fliers because the effort would deter terrorist. A safer plane makes for happier passengers. As each day passes though, security will continue to increase. I am sure there are many other procedures and technologies on the drawing board that will help security; but at the risk of even more invasive searches. These efforts might stop a terrorist for trying to board a plane; but it will not stop the terrorism.

We will never be able to prevent terrorism without first getting rid of hatred in the world. Now, that sounds far fetched, but it is no more crazy than trying to prevent terrorism itself. Hatred is at the root of terrorism. Hatred is the cause, terrorism becomes the effect. Until we can change the hatred to understanding and compassion, we will be forced to accept the security measures. So why not try to change the world? Why not put an end to hatred? Why not spend money on doing nice things for all people regardless of race, religion, or nationality?

That is a pretty good Thanksgiving Wish. In the meantime, we will stick to the drastically less polluting ground transportation while in my dreams I think of pranks to play on the TSA.