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Scree - November 21, 2010

Ding Dong the Witch is Dead

For the last several weeks our lives have been ruled by a wicked witch. We worried about how to overcome her. We searched for solutions. She still ruled us ...

We had a leak in the house and could not find it. We searched high and low and could not find the leak. We were ruled by the witch. We continued to do other work around the house, but was afraid that all of our work might be for naught, because the witch was still in control.

Our friend, Mark was in town visiting. We knew that he was busy, but we were desperate. We gave him a call. Naturally, he came by to help. Did I mention that he was a good friend?

After following pipes throughout the house we visited the fiberglass shower upstairs. We thought that the shower was the reason for the leak, but after further review maybe not. Still following the pipes we decided the leak came from the sink instead.

After several more hours of work, the witch was dead. So thanks to Mark for the leak, Jon for the floor, and Diane for her tireless effort.

Folks, the witch is dead, maybe I will be able to get back to work soon.