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Scree - November 20, 2010


TV Killer

So earlier in the week a Wisconsin man, upset with the outcome of Dancing with the Stars, shot his TV. Evidently, he thought Bristol Palin should not have been on the show. He got his shotgun and killed the TV.

I am sure that Bristol Palin was unharmed by the incident. The brand of the deceased TV was not given.

(Wisconsin State Journal)

Copycat Killer

We too, have been trying to kill our TV. It's not that we hate Dancing with the Stars (we have no opinion - we have never watched it); we just don't like TV in general.

Since we do not believe in having a gun in the house - it's been a little harder for us to kill the obnoxious, demanding, addicting, beast. Instead of shooting the box, we decided to kill it by starvation. We are trying to wean ourselves from its control by not watching it.


A beekeeper in Loveland, CO was cleaning his shotgun when he claimed that he shot himself. The investigating officer thought differently. It seems our humble beekeeper had a booby trap set to shoot the bears which may have been in the area. The booby trap seemed to have misfired and shot the man.

There are probably safer ways to keep bears away from the bees; but in the meantime... maybe he could booby trap his TV so that the shotgun would shoot the TV, if anyone tried to watch Dancing with the Stars.

(Denver Post)