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Scree - November 18, 2010

Climbing in RMNP


When we are on camping trips we go for a week or longer without showers. We have learned to take sponge baths (away from the water source) and other tricks to get rid of some of the dirt and subdue the odors.

In Colorado a couple years ago on a climbing trip, I raised my arm to grab a hold and almost passed out! It was pretty bad. That same night, my wife, Amy asked did I have any deodorant. I started to tell her, I knew that I stank, and yes I was using the deodorant, when she stopped me in the middle of my explanation. She wasn't pleading with me to use the deodorant, instead she wanted to borrow it! She had had a similar odor awakening experience similar to the one I had.

The camper also has the issue of wearing the same clothes for weeks at a time. We all know once those polyesters get the funk, it stays forever! You can rinse the garment (away from the water source, again) but the odor remains.

Now, it's chic to go without a bath, even in town. In the New York Times article, the Great Unwashed, dermatologist and cosmeticians believe that being dirty is even good for you. I guess it is better for you to go without a bath, if you are not married and truly single, or if you have learned to sleep with your arms to your side. It is hard to do!

Muggle Ticket Strategy

With the release of the new Harry Potter movie this weekend, there is a lot of Harry Potter-ness going around.

I thought of a new strategy for getting tickets. Install small personal fans behind each arm pit. Do not take a shower. I repeat, do not take a shower for days or wear deodorant. While standing in line, raise your arms a few degrees and turn the fans on so the odor would effect those in front of you. In no time you should be able to go to the front of the line. Turn the fans off before trying to purchase the ticket. If the cashier passes out, you might be allowed to enter the theater.

If you are gifted, you could cast a spell on the odor so that it would not effect you. However for us Muggles who can't cast spells, a personalized inhaler, might make breathing easier.

Good luck.