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Scree - November 13, 2010

happy golden retriever

Jake with mud on his face, sorry, didn't have my camera for the paint.

Happy Jake and the Paint

Our dog, Jake is a happy boy. He loves greeting people and thinks that everyone loves him and wants to play with him.

A couple of days ago, Diane (mother-in-law) and I were working on a house apartment we have. It was the turnaround between renters so we were re-painting the whole apartment. Being empty, we had painting tools laying throughout the house.

I was outside painting windows when Amy and Jake arrived. Jake bolted from the car and ran in circles around me. After my acknowledgement Jake went looking for 'grandma.' The door to the house was open and he bolted inside to greet her. She had two roller pans of paint sitting on the floor. One pan was filled with a tan paint and the other filled with a white paint. Jake proceeded to step in the white paint with his right foot and then the tan pan with his left foot!

We immediately tried to catch him in order to lessen the painted paw prints. Our excitement got him even more excited and he began bouncing even more. Paint was flying everywhere as we tried to restrain him. Amy finally caught him and I picked him up and carried him outdoors. He laid in the grass as we tried to wipe the paint off of him.

Then, back inside we cleaned the paw prints off the floor. What a mess Jake made.

The moral or the story is don't get a golden retriever unless you enjoy the unbridled love, paint or not. He would jump in the paint again in a heartbeat, if the paint was between him and his 'grandma.'

Jack Russell Trees Mountain Lion

In South Dakota a Jack Russell evidently treed a mountain lion. Yes, a small Jack Russell, who regularly chased cats up trees, treed a big one - a mountain lion.

Now, personally I would have taken my dog and made him go inside until the lion went away; but it was in South Dakota. They shot the mountain lion.

The moral is don't get a Jack Russell unless you want a dog that trees cats, of all sizes!


Sic 'Em

In Heiskell, TN detectives were looking for a possible burglary suspect. A man went back to his bedroom to get his ID to show the detectives when the resident loosened his pit bull on the officer. After repeated bites, the detective shot and killed the pit bull.

The dog's owner was arrested.

The moral is don't get a Pit Bull, unless you want an attack dog.



Being the guardian of a dog is serious business. Potential owners should investigate the breeds and their traits to see if they match your lifestyle. If you need a fighting dog as a pet, perhaps you need to change your lifestyle.