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Scree - November 7, 2010

Snow at Fall Creek Falls

Friday I went up to Fall Creek Falls to join Ranger Ray for the rock climbing workshop. Ray is always telling me how much colder the weather is on the Plateau than in Nashville. I tease him about the insignificant temperature difference on a regular basis. Knowing that it was going to be in the 20's as lows Amy and I said - Ray will swear it is going to be minus 5 at the Park. Ha!

So Friday when I arrived at his house it started snowing. There was no accumulation but it snowed for a while. Ray said, Ha Ha!!!

Okay, he won that one!

Lightweight Camping - Heavy Reading

After the snow quit, I went for a trail run to a backcountry camping area in Fall Creek Falls State Park. When I arrived at the campsites, I saw the smoke from a campfire. One guy was sitting with his back to me warming on his campfire. Just beyond the campfire sat a small solo tent.

I called out to him and he turned his head toward me. I asked about his tent and he said yes it was small; but it was also light. We talked for a few more minutes about lightweight equipment; but I needed to get moving if I had a chance of returning to the trailhead before dark.

I wanted to take a few pictures of the area, so I asked the camper if I could take a picture of him. He turned around toward me and I quickly noticed he a very large and very heavy looking book in his lap. I snapped the photo and resumed my run.

Down the trail a bit I started laughing. The camper paid dearly for a small light tent and other lightweight gear, but then carried a book that probably weighted five pounds! Now that was some heavy reading!