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Scree - November 4, 2010

deer on trail

Deer Collides with Runner

In Wisconsin, a girl's cross country runner collided with a deer during a race. She unfortunately did not win the race either. They should have at least given her a few seconds adjustment to her time.

Regardless, she earned a good story.

(Post Crescent)

Boars in Florida

In Oviedo, FL a 200 to 300 pound boar (pig) was terrorizing a neighborhood. He had tusks and blood in his mouth. He charged a man and his son in their backyard; but turned away at the last moment. Another man was chased into the back of his pickup truck.

The neighbors claimed that the boar was scarier than a bear.

Whether it is a deer, a goat, a bear, or a wild pig; if the wild animal is chasing you, it is scary. However, those cute Florida bears seem to be distant cousins to the Wyoming breed. You can't escape an aggressive bear by climbing into the back of your pickup! I still wouldn't want to tangle with a tusk-y boar.

(Orlando Sentinel)

Wild Cow

In Lawrenceburg, TN a cow went on a rampage. She disrupted traffic. The cow then butted a man knocking him down and then stepping on him. She continued her menacing charge as she rammed a police car. After a five mile romp she was finally cornered in a field and shot with tranquilizers.

Now I am not sure, but the Tennessee wild cow seemed to be at least as scary as the Florida boar.


India's Owls

The owls in India are disappearing. No, tigers are not eating them - instead, fans of Harry Potter are capturing the owls. They want the owls as pets.

Perhaps, the owl-nappers just think the mail system in India needs help.

(Yahoo News - AFP)