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Scree - November 2, 2010

trick or treaters

Halloween '10

Halloween was a perfect night in Nashville. Ghosts and goblins roamed the streets. We had friends and family over to sit by the fire and do the trick or treating thing. Greek goddesses, Molly and Kate (and their friends - ok, I missed the friend with the high top black Chuck Taylor shoes, sorry) came by to visit. What a special surprise! We all had a great time; but it was not very spooky.

Walk-In Botox

Saturday while we were in Murfreesboro, TN. We were walking on Hwy 231 while our vehicle was being serviced at the dealer. Walking by a walk-in medical clinic we noticed the message on their business sign:

Flu Shots $25

We Have Botox

I don't know who should be administering Botox, but a walk-in clinic?

350 Pound Goat

A couple of weeks ago we linked to the tragic story of a Washington man being killed by a mountain goat. The National Park Service killed the goat and took the remains into the lab where a "necropsy and comprehensive tissue analysis were conducted". They found nothing abnormal; but, "the goat was in breeding condition or “rut.”

An odd item from the report was the goat probably weighed over 350 pounds! I have seen quite a few mountain goats in my days; but none that seemed to weigh over 350 pounds. I would have guessed 150 or maybe 200 pounds tops, for the weight of the, I am assuming diminutive, Rocky Mountain version of the mountain goat. I am not sure whether a 350 pound goat is more aggressive than a 100 pound goat; but he would definitely get my attention quicker.

The Ultimate Ungulate listed Mountain Goats weight as being between 124 and 152 pounds.

National Geographic's listed their weights as being between 100 and 300 pounds.

(NPS Digest) for the report.

Bicycle Wreck

Our good friend, Jamie, was in a bicycle wreck on Thursday. His chain popped and he ended up flying over the handle bars. He sent pictures; but I thought they were a little too gory even for the Halloween season! Now, five days later, he seems to be doing better.

Donations to buy Jamie a set of training wheels may be sent directly to him, along with a laugh, and most importantly best wishes. Get well soon.