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Scree - October 28, 2010

Tennessee Capitol

In the Tennessee Governor's Race, the Republican candidate seems to be leading. He probably would be good for the economy/business. The problem is at what cost?

He has stated that he would not veto a bill banning registrations of hand guns. I cannot even conceive of why anyone would want to overturn a law requiring the registration of handguns. In fact all weapons should require registration. Only individuals who would not qualify for a permit would want the registration to be taken away. (Tennessean)

The other scary issue is for the environment and in particular the mountaintop removal mining. Could the Republican candidate say "no" to the mining industry or would he allow the mining and call the environmental damage - just the cost of doing business.


Speaking of gun laws, in Boulder, a man shot himself in the knee. There were no charges issued, because he shot himself while sleep walking! That's another reason to not let them have bullets!

(Daily Camera)

In China a ten year old boy fell from a twentieth story apartment and landed on a car. He was seriously injured but remarkably survived.


About a month ago, a New York man jumped from the roof of a 39 story building - that is almost 500 feet. He landed in the back seat of a Dodge and survived.

A witness said, "He had his hands up in the air, like flailing. Just when he's about to land, there was a boom and glass flying all over. The car saved his life. He landed in there like a stunt man. It was amazing."

The article also recounts the story of a window washer who fell from 49 stories and survived.