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Scree - October 26, 2010

Bullwinkle J Moose

Sixty years ago, two Colorado University students climbed the Third Flatiron and painted a fifty feet tall - letter C. The Third Flatiron is over 1,000 feet tall and dominates the western sky high over Boulder. The Daily Camera has a great story on the history of the "Third" to commemorate the painting of the C and then later the U.

(Daily Camera)

Well, it's a sad day in Frostbite Falls. Alex Anderson, the creator of Rocky and Bullwinkle has passed away. What a fun, humorous cartoon for all ages and for the ages. The Show produced humor of the Cold War at it's finest.


Speaking of moose, an albino moose was killed in Vermont. The hunter claimed the bull moose had pink eyes.

His eyes were probably pink from crying at the loss of Mr Anderson!

(Burlington Free Press)

A moose has been accused of destroying a lawn mower in North Dakota. A medium sized moose seemed to have stepped on and crushed the push mower.

I am sure the moose was upset about with the loss of Mr Anderson and just lost control.

(The Dickinson Press)

Back on Mount Whitney there was another rescue. When one search ended another began. This time they were looking for two other hikers who did not return to their vehicle at the Mount Whitney Trailhead. See also Scree October 23. Come to find out, this duo ended up in Cedar Grove, fifty (yes, 50) miles away from their car.

This is just crazy, how does one miss their trailhead by 50 miles? Ah, Boris and Natasha probably put up one of those trick, "this way" signs, to send them the wrong way!

(Sierra Wave)