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Scree - October 24, 2010

Mount Teewinot

A climber was rescued from Mount Teewinot in the Tetons this week. He called a friend and said he climbed as far as he could safely. A rescue was mounted and he was plucked off the mountain by helicopter.

I am having trouble understanding the Rangers quick draw responses to rescues. Where's the suffering of old that made for epic tales of adventure? In years past, the climber would have had to endure the night sitting on a ledge or climb through the night; but when he returned from the mountain, he would have a story to tell. Now, the only story to be told, is how much fun the helicopter ride was! Who knows, maybe the helicopter is more fun than I am thinking.

(Grand Teton NP News Release)

In South Carolina, an 11 year old boy decided to go for a joy ride in a Fire Department pickup truck one day. Eluding the Police, the boy finally stopped when his mother stepped out in front of the truck. The next day he took an SUV for another joy ride!

HIs reasoning for taking the vehicles was explained: "He said he just got tired of walking and wanted a ride."

The President's push toward better fitness of our youth (and everyone else for that matter) definitely will have an uphill struggle with boys like the joy rider.

(CBS News)

A suspicious package near a highway in Florida, closed the road, and engaged the bomb squad. Oops, the package contained two kittens! One kitten escaped and the other was taken to the Humane Society. Maybe the Park Service could use a helicopter to help find the kitten.

(MSNBC News)

In China a man dropped his mobile phone in a toilet. Trying to retrieve the phone, he got his arm stuck in the toilet and had to be rescued. I don't think they used helicopters in the rescue.

(Yahoo News - Reuters)

It is one week until Halloween. Boing Boing posted a story on the Hierarchy of Candy. In particular, the article explores the meaning behind the treats given as "trick or treats".

Oh, helicopters would only be used for emergency trips to the dentist!