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Scree - October 21, 2010

Fall Creek Falls

A couple of days ago I was watching a driver enter her driveway. She stopped her car and went to the roadside mailbox. Returning to her car she drove twenty feet or closer to her house and then parked.

It is hard for me to understand her behavior. Was she needing to check the mail immediately, or was she just trying to be efficient, or did she just stop without even thinking about it. I should have asked.

We need to look for ways to help our fitness levels. Less time we spend in the seat means more time moving. Park your car and learn to enjoy the outside.

A nurse practitioner in Washington is making house calls. What makes this story unique is the nurse makes the house calls while riding her bicycle. She had to find a good trailer and a suitable bicycle; but now she bikes as her primary means of transportation. That's learning to enjoy the outside.

(Seattle Times)

This is the National Teen Driver Safety Week. The State of Tennessee is looking for ways to decrease and hopefully eliminate teenager driving deaths.

If they really want to prevent deaths - lower the speed limits! I don't mean by a few miles an hour - I mean lower the speed limits drastically! With the safety features in today's cars it is hard to envision a fatal accident if the vehicles were only traveling at speeds of 20 or 25 miles per hour! Slow Down. Speed kills.


The Republican candidate for Governor in Tennessee recently said that he would sign into law any bill that passed through the legislature to his desk that did away with the permit policy for carrying a handgun. Welcome to the wild, wild, west.


Vote for me and we'll put the Barney rule into effect. They can carry their guns, we just won't let them have bullets!

The child that was hit by a rock at the base of Fall Creek Falls woke from his coma and cried. He still has a long way to go; but that is a positive sign. (Tennessean)

Remember - don't throw rocks. Never.