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Scree - October 17, 2010

wood piled after the tree is downed

Yesterday, it was tree cutting time in Tennessee. We had to cut down a dead and decaying maple tree. Amy and I trimmed most of the lower branches a couple of days ago. In the process I dropped a limb on Amy's arm, while she was trying to protect me perched on the ladder. The bark was very abrasive.

Yesterday, we finished the job. It was a good afternoon of work and fun. Our friends, Jon and Laura, helped us with the sawing and removal. There was a lot of talking and catching up going on. It was a good day.

In Armenia they now have the longest cable car. The cable goes to a monastery and crosses a rugged terrain. Jon thinks that cable cars are a solution to our transportation woes. The cable car costs 18 million dollars; but it still was probably cheaper than building a road.

We rode the previously longest cable car on Sandia Mountain in NM. It was fun; but all I could think about was Jaws (a giant henchman from James Bond who had metal teeth) biting through the cable as we soared over the slope below.

(Yahoo News - AFP)

The Tennessean reported that there was a rise in drugged-driving incidents. Drugged drivers are not as easy to detect during a traffic stop but are still very dangerous. Even if it is a prescription drug, if it impairs the driver, they cannot be allowed to drive.

The answer is education for the driver and punishment for the offender.


An 82 year old woman in Oregon was clocked speeding at 110 mph. That was 55 mph over the speed limit. She said she did not know she was going that fast. Hmm, kind of makes you wonder if she had been on the meds - see above.

(Yahoo News - AP)

Police investigating a wreck in the Nashville area found no one in the vehicle, but there was an unattached finger. They put the finger on ice and looked for the driver.

The police did not say how the driver lost his finger or which finger was lost.

A follow-up report said the driver went to the hospital. I guess this was a true case of giving the police a finger.