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Scree - October 16, 2010

bike on a stick

A couple of weeks ago there was a story in Knox News about two guys who were fired from the Lion's Haven in East TN. They duo got drunk and ran naked through the complex.

Scree 10_09_30

It seems that the duo of streakers took offense at the publicized account of their escapades. They thought the article was misleading, they were only drunk and sitting naked on their porch listening to Bob Dylan. They did not run through the Park and only one worker saw them.

(Knox News)

I guess just being drunk and sitting naked on your front porch is ok to these guys. They draw the line at running naked in front of a bunch of big cats. Now, that would be stupid.

The problem is that now everybody wants to be naked in the jungle... In Florida there was a copy cat, I guess. At Lion Country Safari, "a woman, wearing an open robe, drove her car through the park and then sped away." I don't think she was listening to Bob Dylan.

(My Way)

Crashes between cars and bicycles are on the increase in Tennessee. The Tennessean reports a dramatic increase of 37% between 2005 and 2008 (increased from 345 to 476). Read the comments and you will understand why. Drivers do not respect riders. You do not have to read far before you actually see threats to the bicyclist. Once again the problem is that speed limits are too high. Cars and trucks need to slow down. Speaking of Bob Dylan - "the times, they are a changin".

In New Zealand a sea lion attacked a rowing boat cracking the hull. I guess the oarsmen were shaken a bit.

"the boat started taking on water and the crew headed to the nearest boat ramp, with the irate mammal following them.

"It walked up the ramp and gave us a bit of a snarl," another rower, Adam Garden said."

Now if it was a bear, on land, he would have been hunted down and killed. I think the bears ought to claim discrimination.

(Yahoo News - AFP)

A man working on the city sewage system in Raymore, MO came unhooked from his safety line and was sent through the pipe for over a mile! Luckily he was finally rescued from the system unharmed, but I am sure he was flushed.

(Yahoo AP)